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Horse Related Care - Rio Grande, PR

  • Grooming horses (e.g., bathing, picking hooves, brushing, etc.)

  • Helping with feeding and watering horses

  • Cleaning farm (e.g., Mucking stalls, Picking up manure from fields, cleaning water troughs, etc.)

  • Taking Photos and Videos of Horses

Assisting with Retraining (experienced Horse Riders / Trainers only)

o   Ground-work
o   Assessing
o   De-sensitizing & other Behavioral work
o   Riding horses (walk-trot-canter, ground poles, etc.)

Fundraising for CTA in Puerto Rico:

Fundraising for CTA on the Internet

  • Fundraising Campaigns: includes writing, editing and posting both general and horse and/or need special fundraisers on social media and other websites.

  • Grants: Researching / finding grant opportunities & grant-writing


  • Marketing Horses: Help with writing “For Adoption” profiles on each individual horse & posting them on social media and other websites.

  • Help with promoting CTA on social media, including writing, editing, and posting.


Volunteer in Puerto Rico:
email: caribbeanottb@gmail.com
or Message us on Facebook

Volunteer in Mainland US:
email: managercta01@gmail.com

Download volunteer application:
English Version | Spanish Version