Strike and Dark Desire

About our Watchlist

We do our best to help every horse we can, and our reputation speaks for itself. Keeping track of these horses is a very time-consuming endeavor, and sometimes we spend years tracking these horses. Horses can change owners frequently here and it's difficult to keep up. 

Our organization operates on very little money, with very few volunteers. Please be patient and considerate of our time.

Our watchlist is for the following types of horses:

1. Horses that have an offer for a home, or people willing to assist to help cover all or a portion of the horse's travel costs to return to the US. 

2. At-risk horses being raced in Puerto Rico:

  • Older horses (6+)
  • Horses with high starts
  • Horses on Vets lists at other tracks
  • Horses with known physical ailments

At-Risk horses
If you're unable to offer a home or financial support for an at-risk horse you're reporting, please do the following BEFORE placing the horse on our watchlist:
1. Add the horses to a virtual stable on Equibase. Instructions can be found here.
2. Once the horse has had 5 consecutive poor results we can provide you with information on reporting the horse to the gaming commission. 

How to report At-Risk horses to the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission:

Visit their website  

Please send an email to:

Juan Santaella, Racing Director
Jaime Rivera, Racing Commissioner

***Please also feel free to cc on the email so we can document.

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