Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring a horse from CTA is a great way to help horses and our organization. These horses have given their all to their owners, connections, and racing fans who love and enjoy the sport of kings; and we believe they deserve to live out their days on our farm, enjoying retirement.  Sponsorships fees are 100% tax deductible  🎉

What is included with our Sponsorships:
🐎 Monthly updates on your sponsored horse, including photos and videos.
🐎 We may also tag you in photos and updates we post on our social media channels (with your permission).
🐎 You can visit the farm, groom, feed, hand walk, or just spend time with your sponsored horse ❤️.

Full Sponsorship: $500/mo
Includes feed, board,  therapeutic shoeing, and supplements

Partial Sponsorship: $250/mo
Includes 50% of the cost of feed, board,  therapeutic shoeing, and supplements

Veterinary Fund: $50/mo
We'll use these funds toward therapeutic shoeing, supplements, veterinary care, or rehabilitation

Don Carlos R. 

2009 PR Bred with 55 starts and $375,727 in earnings

Don Carlos (his barn name) is a Puerto Rico Native bred born in 2009, he was bred by Haras Santa Isabel, Inc. Don Carlos had 55 starts in his career and earned $375,725.  He had 25 first-place wins, 16 seconds of which 18 of these were grade 1 and 2 stakes races.  Pretty impressive for a native-bred horse.  

Don Carlos R was retired to CTA in March of 2020 with his last race a DNF.  He had much racing wear and tear, an old left front sesamoid fracture, a right front bowed tendon with suspensory breakdown and a left hock bone spur. 

Tito Discount 

2008 PR Bred with 72 starts and $72,086 in earnings

Tito Discount is a 14 yr old native Puerto Rican bred war horse with 72 starts making $72,086 in his career on the track.  Tito came to CTA in 2017 with a slab fracture on his left front knee. 

Tito was retired to CTA in 2017 and adopted.  When his adopter was in the process of moving to the US in 2018 to attend university, she planned to take Tito with her. Unfortunately, Tito tested positive for Piroplasmosis so he was not able to go.  His adopter was devastated and asked if Tito could return to CTA, where she sponsored his care for the first 3 years.