Thank you for considering adopting an incredible OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbred) from Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, Inc. To get started, simply complete the pre-adoption application form below.

Once we receive your application, we promise to reach out within (2) business days to schedule an interview. During this interview, we'll work together to ensure the horse you've selected is a perfect match for your lifestyle and needs.

Rules for adopting an OTTB from CTA:

  • CTA, Inc horses are NEVER adopted to be raced and/or sent to auction or slaughter.

  • CTA, Inc horses are NEVER adopted to be bred unless under limited agreements outlined in the adoption contract.

  • CTA, Inc horses are NEVER adopted to be abused, misused or neglected in any manner.

Basic Requirements of Potential Adopter:

  • 21 or older

  • Be physically able to care for a horse

  • Have the financial means to care for the horse for a lifetime

  • NEVER been the subject of any convictions, charges and/or association or suspicion of involvement with any form of animal cruelty, nor placing a horse in the care of a person with such a history

  • Have equine knowledge and skills. Experience and/or expertise with retired racehorses is desired

  • Understand the use and limits of horses in general, and those of particular horses being adopted

  • The stable area must have a paddock or turn out, and the horse must be turned out daily unless there are health or other appropriate reason otherwise

  • the area must be clean of debris and hazardous materials

  • safe fencing and NO barbwire

  • The horse must have 24/7 access to clean water

  • The horse must be fed good hay/grass and grain on a regular & consistent feeding schedule

  • Must provide consistent and timely routine horse care, including annual vaccinations, dental care, farrier/blacksmith care, and veterinary care as needed

  • At least 3 current references are required

Additional Considerations:

  • Prior OTTB experience (not a requirement)

  • Lot's of daily turnout

  • Buddies or other horses to socialize with