About Our Sponsors


We are immensely
grateful for our sponsors

We could not exist without the generous and kind support of our sponsors. Caring for horses can be costly and demanding.

Due to our remote island location, logistics are more difficult and costs are considerably higher - adding to the complexity of re-homing these amazing horses.

Thank you…

Our team, the horses we serve, and all of the people whose lives these horses touch, are incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors. We encourage you to support our sponsors so they can continue to support our community.

We are proud to announce that CTA is a Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Accredited Organization.


Thank you to the following Sponsors

·  Agro Servicios – Sr. Pedro Vivoni

·  Alegre Equine Air Transport

·  Asociación de Criadores de Puerto Rico

·  Camarero Racetrack

·  Confederación Hípica de Puerto Rico

·  Costazul Uniforms - Mr. Leo Rodríguez

·  Essential Insurance - Mr. Mark Tacher

·  Ocala Breeders Sales

·  Olazábal - Mr. Romualdo Olazábal

·  Potrero Los Llanos

·  Puerto Rico Horse Owners Association

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