Follow our horses our their journey to their forever homes.

Tony Tomato - R Side - 12.14.18.JPG

Tony Tomato

Tony Tomato is a 2015 NY-bred gelding that retired to CTA in September 2018. He spent 4+ months enjoying being a horse and learning the ropes as a retired racehorse. He quickly showed us what a kind, mellow fella he is. Because he has asthma, we felt a milder climate would suit him best. Thankfully, Equine Rescue of Aiken agreed to take him into their wonderful program in Aiken, South Carolina. He will be available for adoption and they also plan to try him in their Saratoga War Horse program where horses help Veterans. You can learn more about Equine Rescue of Aiken at their website: http://www.aikenequinerescue.org/

We wish Tony all the best and know whoever adopts him will have a fantastic, sweet horse!

Ima Treasure - R Side - 12.14.18.JPG

Ima Treasure

Ima Treasure retired to CTA farm July 2018. She took easily to OTTB life and enjoyed her days on the farm being with other horses and learning about life after racing. Ima Treasure flew to Miami with 2 OTTB pals on February 2019. She and her fellow CTA graduate, BT’s Baby, will spend the rest of their days at a farm in North Carolina enjoying the good life. Thank you Nora and family for giving these wonderful mares a happy forever home!

BT’s Baby - L-side 12-14-18.jpg


BT’s Baby retired to CTA farm in June 2018. She was adopted later in the summer, but (through no fault of her own) she was returned to CTA. We gladly took her back knowing the right home was out there for her! Thankfully, a wonderful adopted in North Carolina with ties to Puerto Rico decided to give BT’s Baby and Ima Treasure forever homes on her beautiful farm! BT’s Baby flew to Miami in February and has nothing but days of horsie happiness waiting her and her BFF, Ima Treasure, ahead! Thank you Nora and family for opening your heart and home to these great mares!